Welcome to Midnight Club 2 WikiaEdit

Midnight Club Wikia is the Wikia Of Midnight Club 2, for general Midnight Club info go to, this wiki is MC2 focused.

MC2 WikiaEdit

In this wikia you will find Midnight Club 2 information. Right now it is under construction but will soon be a decent site. Please help contribute.


Not following these rules will result in consequence

  1. DO NOT Plaigarize- If you do i will ban you
  2. No vandalism- I will give you three chances for this rule after you vandalize more than three times you're out
  3. Don't copy from Wikipedia or any other wiki without sources- I will warn you about this and if it's not sourced in 24 hours i will ban you
  4. No disrespectful articles- Do not write F--K FACE under Blog's page, or Fat--s under Moses page, i will ban you immediately if you do this or similar things.
  5. Don't beg to be admin- Theres no consequence for this but it will not help you become an admin plus it's annoying.

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Who is your favorite racer in Los Angeles?

The poll was created at 18:46 on October 2, 2010, and so far 8 people voted.

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